Breast is BEST!

Some mothers make breastfeeding look so easy but there are others who are finding it a struggle.

I was lucky. Able to breastfeed Arabelle on the 2nd day she was born.

Painful? Of cos but it was worth it.
Nothing beats the nutritional benefits that BREAST MILK gives!

Advantages of breastfeeding:
1). It has all the right proportions that the baby requires for optimal growth & development.

2). Helps to BURN CALORIES & ensure our body to return to its pre-pregnancy state MORE QUICKLY as baby’s suckling will cause our uterus to contract.

3). Lower the risk of BREAST & OVARIAN CANCER and even OSTEOPOROSIS.

4). Do not have to waste time fussing over washing & sterilizing milk bottles.

5). Closeness & skin-to-skin contact enhances bonding btw mum & baby.

6). And lastly, the amt of $$$ one will save by breastfeeding! ^^


Have to watch diet. >.>

Anyway, came across this article & decided to share w/ the rest of mums out there!

Here’s another link which i got it frm faceB for Low Milk Supply

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